Some kind words from loyal patients: 

"Some call her an acquired taste and others might call her a miracle worker.  Sandy has unbelievable strength for the small package she is.  Whatever camp you're in Sandy is my "go to" girl for deep, effective and focused body work.  As someone who works hard and plays harder, like a strong IPA, I rely on Sandy to pick me up after I've fallen down."

(N.M.W., Portland, OR)


"Sandy Homer has that perfect, paradoxical combination of tremendous strength and yet gentleness in her touch.  Over the past few years that I've been her client, her hands have been a source of nurturance and relief.  Sandy is a natural healer.  She's a solid, well-boundaried, respectful professional as well as a compassionate person; her presence exudes gentle acceptance.  She is very attentive and sensitive to the individual needs of her clients.  As someone who previously suffered from chronic pain and has received many massages from various massage therapists, I can say that Sandy's skill level and knowledge of massage therapy is beyond exemplary.  She goes deep and does what's necessary to help the body heal."

(S.M.B., Portland, OR)